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Technology and Innovations
Our investments in technology underline our commitment to produce fabrics and textiles of the highest quality. To achieve and maintain the optimum level of reliability and productivity, we have invested in equipment of uncompromising safety and efficiency. Imported from Switzerland, Germany ,Greece and Hong Kong, these machines are capable of handling a variety of yarns, from cotton to nylon, and are designed to be highly accurate right to the last detail.
Dyeing Machines
Finishing Machines


Finishing Machines...continued
Laboratory Machines

  Colour-Eye 7000A

THE GRETAG MACBETH COLOR-EYE 7000A is the premier reference instrument in the industry. A motorised Ultraviolet (UV) control automatically adjusts the UV content to that found in natural D65 daylight. Samples are measured once, and the stored numerical standards ensure that products that pass manufacturers’ outgoing colour inspections will pass customers’ incoming colour inspections.

THE MACBETH SPECTRALIGHT III is the world’s most advanced colour matching booth. It features five basic light sources, Daylight, Fluorescent, Horizon, Illuminant A (incandescent), and Ultraviolet. These features are selected according to clients’ requirements.

Laboratory Machines...continued

THE MATHIS LABOMAT samples dyeing under HT conditions, and can be also used for testing of colourfastness to washing. It meets the requirements of clean and fast handling of beakers and samples, verifies a reproducible transfer to production conditions and has a programmable process controller for the automatic run of dye cycles.

THE COPOWER AUTOMATIC DISPENSER is the perfect solution to preparation of dye recipes. It quickly and accurately prepares the recipes whenever they are required. The most suitable dye solution and the exact amount required are automatically calculated by the system. It is easy to operate and the quality and consistency of the solutions being dispensed is continually maintained.

  MATHIS Labomat

  Lab Dispensing Machine
Garment Laundry Machine

Tonello 130
SUT LICK Tumble Dryer

TONELLO 130 Washing Machine